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what now?

Oct. 6th, 2009 | 01:35 pm

So i have been graduated for two weeks now and i am getting very very very bored.  I dont know what to do right now.  I have nothing to do except watch dylann and drive jesse and stephanie around.  I can hang with my friends which is always awesome but still I should be doing more.  i need to find a job doing....something, anything right now.  I dont really want to be a CNA but  I dont really care anymore. If anyone knows of any available jobs in mental health that would be awesome but any jobs in healthcare are cool. 
So in other news graduation was cool. Not very long and one or two really good speeches.  oh and cookies and punch.  Then we went to chillis and my sister got me drunk off two really strong drinks becuase i had nothing to eat all day and they were really alcohol filled drinks. 
Lets see anything else? if you're not watching Heroes you should be this season is really cool.  House is also really cool this season.  
Ah yes also the fair was really fun with miguel and nataly and emily.  very very fun and very very free which makes it even better.  Except food wasnt free but that was to be expected.  So anyways thats catchup for me and ill check in later.

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It's coming

Aug. 26th, 2009 | 06:18 pm

The end of school is coming! It's on its way. I have exactly 26 days until graduation.  I'm a little excited I must say.  The prospect of having a job in my chosen career after this is exciting.  Also it's a little nerveracking because after the 21st I have to start studying nonstop for the NCLEX. IT'S COMING!! oh no.  But I think I'm prepared-ish. I think if I took it right now I could probably pass...not well but still pass and thats really all that matters.  

So I must say I'm  surprised noone on here posted anything about going to the beach. It was awesome but I guess because all the people that were there are on here its not like you're really informing anyone. 

In other news I've been watching the kids nonstop like everyday which is frustrating enough in itself but noone informed me that this would be happening.  My brothers are out of town, I understand that but now his girlfriend is in Guadalajara.  WHAT!? That doesn't even make sense.  If there is a 4 year old kid that you're supposed to be watching then why oh why would you go out of the country.  As the uncle it's not my repsonsibility to watch them every single day but hey what do I know maybe it is, at least according to them it is.  Ok enough angsting over that.

Oh something funny though.  I left school today and dropped by Nataly's.  I wanted to see her for a little bit before I had to go get Dylann.  Anyways I left and I was thinking how unfortunate it was that I don't get to see my friends becuase I'm watching the kids.  Then what should happen.  I pull up to the light and I see a blackish-gray car to my left and I think I recognize the driver.  I inch forward a little bit to find that it's Alison and so we talk for the duration of the red light and its kind of funny.  Alrighty I think this is enough for now. 

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im going back in time

Jul. 4th, 2009 | 11:50 am
location: my room
mood: disappointeddisappointed

so i was coming home from school on tuesday and i got a phone call.  it was a fried from high school who still attends.  she asked me if I could do her a favor and if I was doing anything on saturday?  Sure to the first no to the second.  anyways she wanted to know if i would be willing to play trumpet and march in a parade with my high school band since they were short on people and trumpets.  I said......"eh, alright."  It could be fun right.  right.  it was actually a lot of fun.  I had a good time seeing certain people that i hadnt seen in a long time.
On the flip side it was extremely frustrating.  The band these days lacks any and all discipline noone would stop talking, even at attention.  people in general were just screwing around and to top it off a large portion didnt know the music.  The parade went without incident except that we were placed in the parade to march right behind upland high school which has a gigantic band and they are awesome.  sad days. 
but really i dont think ill be doing that one again its agravation that i dont really need.  It was cool to play my trumpet again and to march and see certain people but all in all I'm both glad i did it but dissapointed by the event itself.

On a lighter side I went to AX yesterday with Nataly and everybody.  It was pretty fun.  There was a cool little tsubasa photoshoot thingy and the kurogane we met was really cool.  That was definitely much more fun than the parade.  anyways though i hope they're having fun today and the next couple days, unfortunately i cant be there with them.  maybe next year.

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Jun. 30th, 2009 | 08:50 pm
location: my living room
mood: soresore

suprise! So Nataly guess what? I found something that you should probably like....a lot.  I was on Hulu and I found a cool new trailer. Here you are, enjoy!  www.hulu.com/watch/80352/movie-trailers-ponyo

oh hey also one more that i just found as well.  you know the brokeback potter trailer thingy, this should be useful if someone wanted to make another one of those. www.hulu.com/watch/74987/movie-trailers-harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince---clip

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burnt out? maybe

Jun. 28th, 2009 | 11:40 pm
location: my room
mood: draineddrained

So today was my last day at Kaiser.  Its been 5 months since I first started my educational experience at the hospital in Baldwin Park and I must say it feels like forever.  I went through the OTC, ER, OB unit, Labor and Delivery and Neonate ICU.  It was fun. It was also very very tiring.  I took the last two sundays off, one for a "mental health day" and the other for father's day but I still feel exhausted at school.  I can't bring myself to want to study.  I also can't bring myself to summon up the proper amount of enthusiasm when getting the privilege of working at nice hospitals as a student.  Maybe it's just becuase I've been cramming for 14 months straight but I'm really tired.  I feel rundown and runover.  Like getting hit by a truck, getting up getting hit by a bus, and then hobbling off the road to have a tree fall on you.  Yep, pretty rundown.  Anyways, back to Kaiser.  Finished my rotation today so now onto Greater El Monte, which is like another 15 minutes farther.  They really don't care about the cost of gas for the students.  Oh well, just about 2 months left I graduate September 17th so it's getting closer. 
   On a lighter note Victor went back out of town today.  He took Beau and Monique with him this time and he dropped his stupid dog off in Riverside so it will be nice around here for like a week.  Unfortunately he's got this idea in his head that he is going to move out when he finishes his 6 week work-a-thon type thing he's got going.  We'll see how long his money lasts...I give it a month.  But yeah he decided he's leaving and screwing the rest of us financially becuase he takes his portion of the rent with him, although he hasn't been paying rent so we'll see.  Maybe Jesse will move in. That would be nice, he's a lot more mellow and pretty cool to hang out with. 

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more ob but no more work : (

Jun. 20th, 2009 | 12:18 am
mood: tiredtired

yep thats pretty much my life right now in a nutshell.  we just finished OB in theory class, which is cool becuase its kinda boring, but we have two more weeks in clinicals which sucks becuase i get discriminated against because I'm a guy.  Yep its true, because I'm a guy.  I had 4 patients last week and I couldnt step foot in 2 of their rooms becuase they didnt want a male nurse there.  You just had a baby in a room full of people staring at your private areas.  I'm just there to make sure you're doing alright.  If i have to look its becuase i want to make sure you're not bleeding to death but by all means be picky about who gets to make sure you stay alive to go home.  sorry short rant on pregnant and just postpartum women. 
    anyways also I officially dont work at Barnes & Noble anymore : (  I liked it there...kinda.  the people were really nice, for the most part, and the work was bearable so it kinda sucks.  cool thing is including today i still pick up two more checks so thats nifty.  so now my fulltime job is the unpaid job of watching dylann and brendan whenever i'm needed and apparently also beau whenever victor feels like it so we'll see how all that goes.  
      I know it doesnt quite sound like it but i'm in a pretty good mood.  I am about 2 months from finishing school and getting ready to take my boards for my license.  thats exciting.  its nice to think that in about 5 months, hopefully, I will be a fully licensed LVN making at least 15-20 dollars/hour.  then my friends i will take you all out for sushi and drinks and all that good stuff.  until then its an empty promise but I say it with all the love i can muster. 

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what else is new?

Jun. 2nd, 2009 | 01:47 pm
location: nataly's house
mood: bleh

so things always seem to fall to me in my family, but ill get to that later first catch up.  so that story i was talking about a while ago. I was going home around like midnight and I was going to stop at vons to get some ice cream.  well when i pull into the parking lot some guy in a range rover pulls up next to me and asks me to roll down my window.  Now normally at midnight in a deserted parking lot i wouldnt stop to chat with a stranger but he seemed like a nice old man and so I rolled down the window.  Turns out his name was Reverand (James?) Hill.  well he is from up in sacramento and came down to get a kidney transplant at kaiser fontana.  well he got lost. and ran out of medicine. and ran out of money.  so he aksed me how to get to kaiser and i told him.  and then he asked me if i could spare some cash to help him get some medicine that he needs to stay alive long enough to get a kidney.  well being in nursing school I know kidneys and dialysis and all that stuff isnt something to mess around with so I was like sure Ill go into Vons and get you some money for your drugs (that sounds bad but its not).  So I came back out gave it to him and he was on his way and now i wonder if he made it to kaiser because he was in pretty bad shape. i offered to give him a ride but he said no so I just wonder.  well then i went back into vons to get ice cream as planned.  
      After that I felt pretty good about myself and doing good deeds and such so I went on a short spree of deeds and helped some people in the mall parking lot when i got off work the next day becuase they were standing there with their hood up and I offered help and all they needed was a jump and they were on their way.  Good deeds make you feel good and they help people so i vote that we all strive to do at least one a day and if not that then maybe one a week i mean cmon people.

    ok so now onto the not so good stuff.  I have been watching my niece and nephew a bunch lately.  so much so that now apparently its going to be my full time job.  I was told that the best answer to the problem that my brother and his girlfriend work strange hours is to have me watch the kids everyday.  So yep I had to leave my job at barnes & noble and watch the kids....for no pay.  my brother did offer like 2 days later though to compensate me slightly so its not horrible but still much less than i would make working.  the logic behind this is that the only people to watch the kids are me or my mom, or victor but lets face it he wouldnt do it anyway.  Well my mom works tons of overtime and I worked too.  But my mom makes like $10 an hour more than i do and when shes doing overtime its time and a half so it made more sense for me to quit than it did for her to cut back on overtime.  the upside is now i dont have to pay rent.  the downside is that i have no money.  my initial question is why doenst renee, the babies mom, change her schedule to work during the day? she doesnt have school or anything so i dont really understand.  oh well i guess it just falls to me to take care of everyeone elses problems in my family. 

oh by the way UP was amazing it was such a good movie.

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im so behind

May. 12th, 2009 | 01:27 pm
mood: amusedamused

so i signed on and was like "whoa, everyone's posted like 5 times since the last time i even read anything!"  so yeah i figured i should type something then so that is what I'm doing.    So first things first Happy birthday again nataly although I told you on the day of I figured I should say so again.  Also doesnt she look really really good in the disneyland pictures?  I told her she looked beautiful but she responded with the typical "meh" and I was forced to kill her and bury her in the backyard (not realy but almost). 
so nothing new with me to report really except that finals is coming up with a quickness.  starting monday I have 5 tests in 2 days which should be oodles of fun. 

nataly just showed me this video on youtube. just go type britain's got talent male soprano and i was like.......what the....Eh...I dont know. it was good but just so strange.

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day off?

May. 4th, 2009 | 10:50 am
location: school
mood: excitedexcited

So i'm just sitting here in class drinking a pretty tasty tropical smoothie from jack in the box and i got to thinking, "Do I have the day off today?"  I'm pretty sure I dont have work but it would be an aweful shame to find out that I do and not show up.  So I think I'll drop by after school and check.  I'll take my work clothes just in case. 

So anyways I actually did have the day off yesterday though.  I was getting up to start getting ready to go to schoo. Waking up on the weekend at 5:30 in the morning is an arduous enough task in and of itself but the my teacher calls me.  I didnt recognize the number so I was like "Hello?" and she told me she was really sick and we didnt have school and to call my classmates to let them know.  Part of me was like 'aww she's sick i feel kinda bad' but the rest of me was like "WOO-HOO!" I got a day off from school finally.  So I just chilled out and played games and went to the mall about halfway through the day. 

So anyways I also realized that nataly's birthday is coming up and she already got what I was going to get her so any ideas?

oh gotta go starting class again.

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so far....

Apr. 25th, 2009 | 05:18 pm
location: my living room
mood: sleepysleepy

Well here goes another weekend of school. For some reason weekends, which are generally a happy time, are the hardest for me at school.  Its okay though I just have enough homework to keep me awake till June.  So class today was actually pretty cool.  Nothing really interesting or cool happened its just nothing bad happened, which is a rarity at the hospital. 

So I've also been working a lot more lately, which is nice becuase I get bigger paychecks,  i think.  Also I am not getting chewed out by lorelai on a daily basis anymore. The other day she told me...wait for it....."good job."  I was shocked.  Not that she is particularly mean or anything, its just that me and her dont seem to mesh very well together and then when you throw actually working into the mix, sometimes it isnt pretty. 

Oh yes, I got my tax checks!!! I've been doing my part to fuel the economy for the past week.  I've been spending a lot of money, which i probably shouldnt, but I figure, Hey it's money that I didnt have or really even plan on having so I might as well splurge a little since its kind of like a bonus.  I will save a good amount but i dont see the need to be stingy with money that I just kind of got for paying my taxes.

One last thing, I was on the aol Homepage and I saw this story  news.aol.com/article/glowing-puppy/445317 .  It may not seem that interesting at first but just read it and i'm sure you'll find something you like.  The part that makes me "awww" is that their beagle puppies and the puppy's name is funny, not actually her name but what her name stands for.  also if you click on the picture of the puppy it will bring up another couple pix to scroll through and you can feast your eyes on the devil cat. 

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